Corona, and when the Universe Sends you Lemons....

Hey Beautiful Souls - are you making lemonade yet?

Interesting times huh and, capturing some insights from my waking steps, I thought I'd share what I have in case it helps in any way.

I'll start with the potentially ludicrous notion that I'm seeing enormous gifts hidden within the madness which prevails both within us and without us. And an overriding thought that it isn't actually about what's happening in the world, it's ALL about how I'm meeting it and what is getting triggered in me. Do I play the hunger games or do I walk a new path, lit only by my own light?

Last night I was bombarded with messages, like kite's anchoring into my soul and re-triggering the remnants of some old scarcity fears within me. I found myself entangled and immediately retreated to a healing space to transmute this archaic energy remnant within me.

And here's the first gift - The Hermit

The Hermit by Erike Miranda @ Deviant Art

In Tarot, the Hermit is card number 9. When I want to more deeply understand big systems of information, I defer to Tarot and Numerology; why? Because the archetypes they represent are within me and when I understand them I can see how they relate to me or me to them! To quote a much trusted teacher:
"Each card in the 22 Major arcana of the Tarot represents a phase in the journey of the initiate. Each phase will contain the experience of the card before, to be applied and re-focused in the card to come; it is truly an ongoing journey......At each experience we collect something, then at some points we have a 'rest' and go right into our locked in memory to see what it is about; this is a good description of the number 9.... The scaling down of wants and needs is the characteristic of the number 9; that is emphasised even more by his brown hood and coat, which offers shelter for the process of reflection and internalisation. 
We have to go through many cycles from 1 to 9; as we do so, we are gathering every experience that a sphere has to offer until we have refined our vibration out of the density of that field of experience to enter another; this is what is meant by an initiation. The 1 to 6 is the gathering of experience, the 7 is fusing the experience and the awareness of the experience, to allow the 8 to make sense of it. After that the 9 unravels the loop and what is unnecessary in that experience dies, so that the consciousness can be reborn with only what it needs to take to the next cycle."
I could quote the whole book, seriously it's so good. Bought for me by a fellow initiate around a decade ago, I could pick it up a million more times and each time get just what I need. You can find the book here: The Spirit of the Tarot by Claudine Aegerter and Berenice Benjelloun.

And here we all are - immersed in the Hermit. Wrapping up a cycle and birthing into a new world and it's literally Equinox! Remember what I said on FB the other day - every thought, feeling, word and deed is going to have a profound impact on what gets birthed - can't overstate that. EVERY thought, feeling, word and deed will affect what gets birthed.

I could spin off here into 'productivity addiction' and the self worth needed to just be, but I'll save that one for another post but it will get triggered in those who struggle to 'hermit'.

Within this seemingly global isolation is another golden egg and it's one of choice. It's a new spiral to climb and the other day I drew this for a client to help them see how they have broken through (or transcended) a very old behaviour.

The client had recognised a very, very (inherited) old behaviour they no longer wanted to participate in - it wasn't true to their core authenticity. Sitting with this behaviour in session after session, disentangling from its ancestral ties and bravely allowing it to move through, dissolve and transmute into a much brighter energy has transformed this amazing human being. At the bottom of the spiral is herd mentality or, how we behave because others are behaving that way too and we'd rather fit in than stand out and it can be strangely comforting to be a part of something, even when it's toxic.

Questioning it and bringing love and compassion to it until its hold on you becomes so weak you begin to smile at how it even had you in the first place, causes it to energetically shift into a higher expression of itself. There is however a caveat in this midway point. Here, it's easy of course to begin to see your old behaviour in others and witness your separation from it - it's also easy to slip back down the spiral and feed any remnants of the psyches need to belong or feel subjugated in some way and to once again 'choose' herd mentality.

Resisting this wobble is transcendent. Once you transcend an archaic behaviour, there is no going back but the work must be done at a personal level first. Remember my words about 2020 - she gives us the opportunity to rebalance every relationship we have - self, others, earth, cosmos, ancestry, food, fear, aloneness, isolation, joy, freedom etc.....

Since the fear mongering began, I've been to the shop twice; both times I bought just what I needed; there was plenty of ground coffee but I resisted, knowing I already had some at home and the same for tea. If I behave fearfully and greedily, I'm birthing that into a world that is in desperate need of some gentleness and love right now. There will be a trip where I can't get what I think I need - how will I process that? I'll do without and trust, trust, trust that I have my back in this and remember too that in my whole life and during some very difficult times, I've never gone without.

Have belief that when the universe gives you lemons, it's time to learn to make lemonade, to adapt and overcome, to rise!

And yesterday, I had an online chat with family. We chatted about world events in a state of child like awe, consciously bringing curiosity and an open mind to the world stage. We arrived at a question and I moved to cards - this is what came through and it's so magical I'm sharing it with my online family.

The question was "what do we do?"

Messenger Oracle by Ravynne Phelan

LOL - couldn't make it up. Go have fun and be 'defiantly Joyful'.
Have a wonderful weekend
Big Love as always
Chrissy xxxxx


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