Dancing With Shadow

Shadows by Lindsey Stirling

Click the pic to view a beautifully told story of dancing with shadow and light.

And a poem from me.

Shadow Walker

She creeps silent and deeply aware
Whispering through your shadows
Birdsong in the murky gloom
And you sense her presence

Dread and fear fill the space
Drumbeat of pain and sorrow
That darkness
You keep hidden

With barely a look
She senses hidden story
For she feels it very deeply
And in that moment, She is you

She is your witness
Your Comrade, Your Father, Your Mother
Bringing Ancestor forward
To witness your journey

You are not alone
Many have felt what you feel
Many have suffered at the hand maiden of loss
Many have kissed hopelessness hard on the mouth

Felt the pain of losing like scar on bone

Only to rise again
Only to thrive again
To roam through ancient woodland

With Shadow Walker


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