Divine Archaeology

Divine Archaeology is an exploration into the unknown. It is breaking ground and challenging rigid structures built by the personality; it is allowing light shards to enter the cave of the soul (our blueprint - what we came here to do). It is boldly venturing into unknown territory where it’s dark and unmapped; where we stumble through rubble to get our bearings.

It’s allowing our torch (the light of our mind) to shine itself on a something, twinkling in the darkness and in the rubble we spy hidden gemstones, forged long ago by the alchemy of extreme pressure. You brought these gemstones with you into this lifetime; you’ve had them all this time. They are your tools.

Is it time for you to excavate and do the great work of restoration, ready for 2020? If you feel a deeper calling and prefer soul work to traditional counselling; if you want to discover the more deeply hidden magic of self, contact me here.

Your light is your wisdom. Your darkness is your teacher.

Your light is what you have learned so far; it is without agenda, condition or expectation. Your darkness is what you keep hidden from others; it’s where you store trauma, sorrow, shame and guilt; it’s where you hide your gemstones!

Personal and collective enlightenment can only happen using the alchemy created by working equally with our darkness and our light. Breaking ground so the light can penetrate our layers allows our deepest beliefs to be challenged and causes our towers and structures (what we think keeps us safe) to fall. It takes courage to become a peaceful warrior in the world. Using this kind of alchemy can help us move into humility, innocence, radical trust and vulnerability.

In this space we become Noble.

In this space, we use darkness as teacher to help us let go of limiting beliefs because we want to bravely move forward in authenticity.

In this space, we turn experience into wisdom; wisdom is how we apply what we’ve learned in the world; it’s how we guide others forward on their path. Wisdom stands in love, silently waiting. It craves neither limelight nor recognition; it simply waits for the next apprentice and responds when the time comes. Wisdom serves only the greater good.

And, as you stand back and look at the excavation site you created in your wish to move forward authentically, you see yourself exposed. You see the rubble you created by toppling the towers is cleared away and all that remains are the foundations of a more authentic you, swept clean and ready to build upon.

This new foundation is Love Wisdom.

It has been stripped bare and can stand in its own nakedness and vulnerability;
it doesn’t judge or weigh one against the other;
in Love Wisdom we are neither wrong nor right;
we are neither good nor bad;
we are only the experience;
the learning, the assimilation and the application.

In Love Wisdom we build a new world. 



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