2020 - Soul Restoration

2020 will be a powerful year of soul growth, rebirthing and the humility of 'this is much bigger than me'! She will challenge our viewpoint as she seeks to balance, test and rebalance what and how we perceive ourselves and the world around us. She will offer up many opportunities for us to stand in our own excuses and limitations and to own them without judgment; then she will ask us to build a new world using the humility of Love Wisdom. 2020 is already here; change is taking place and navigational skills are paramount to successful transition. Some will wrestle to navigate the shift into Love Wisdom as their recalcitrant soul rests in stuckness.  

And if I say "2020 will present you with some hidden truths about yourself which might be hard to swallow", what's your first thought? Where did your mind just go?

Challenges and changes are certain as 2020 ramps up her great work to level the playing field and lead us into a truer expression of self; to help us seek balance in the personal and collective as we deeply challenge where we have been stuck in old structures that have kept us on our knees, subjugated and smaller than (and my favourite antonym to Sovereign has to be 'sock puppet'!).

Old structures:
o    material wealth = success;  push, drive, strive = ambition
o    sameness = belonging;  difference = excluded
o    might is right, abuse, bullying = control and programming
o    competition & duality = winner/loser; right/wrong; good/bad;

The feminine exists within man and the masculine exists within woman; 2020 will challenge us to create new alignments within ourselves - big changes - as we learn to become more balanced in our humanity towards self and towards others.

If any of these sentences ring true, you could be navigating soul expansion and realignment.

o    Desperation of being stuck in the dark, unable to get out of it
o    Flailing in the unknown
o    Deep fear and panic
o    Confused and disorientated
o    No one I can turn to for help
o    Counselling session not going to cut it
o    Need someone who knows exactly what they're doing with the darkest part of my soul

If you already feel a deeper calling; can sense the potency of 2020 and feel ready to work with her, please call me. Together we can work to clear your karmic field, realise your soul mission, dissolve out-dated structures and leave you clear to love with yourself again.


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